Formula one
Have you ever fancied attending a Formula One Gran Prix weekend if you have this may be the page for you. Below are few guides on how to visit some of the most iconic and exciting F1 tracks
General Admission Italian Grand Prix

Italian Grand Prix | 6 points to make your visit memorable

So you have always had a notion to visit the Italian Grand Prix. Perhaps you’ve seen it on the telly or may be you’ve attended other Grand Prix and you fancy trying somewhere new.  We have now been three times and over the years have gained some experience that will hopefully make your visit more memorable.

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Italian GP podium celebrations

Italian F1 Grand Prix | A wonderful return to Monza

Our next Italian trip takes us first to the Italian Grand Prix, at Monza then over to Lido de Jessolo where we visit Venice and then up and round the coast to Croatia via Slovenia.   We start of here with a quick guide to attending the Italian Grand Prix.

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Let’s go racing in Baku | A new F1 Experience

Our long weekend in Baku to attend the F1 Grand Prix was indeed an adventure.   The old town of Baku , the land of fire, is a UNESCO world heritage site and as the country develops its identity its desperate for tourism and to be seen as a destination city.

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