Amazing places to visit from around  the world. Click on the pictures below to be inspired.

The Eiffel Tower Paris


France Our next door Neighbour, France is a beautiful country with many regions to explore Lynne lived here in her younger days and I’m looking

United Kingdom

United Kingdom For us this is home, it’s where we come back to after our adventures. If you’re from outside the UK come and visit

The steel rope bridge El Caminito del Rey


Spain One of the most popular tourist destinations  in Europe but get away from the crowded resorts and you’ll find a beautiful country full of


Turkey Our trip to Turkey was born of necessity, basically it was the only place in the world we were allowed to travel to. Unfortunately

Sri Lanka cooking

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka A beautiful teardrop off the coast of India. A fantastic mixture of culture, food, historic sites and glorious beaches, oh and Elephants because



Singapore A jewel of Southeast Asia. I lived here as a child so had to return. A very modern city but if you look carefully



Portugal Madeira, a region of Portugal, off the northwest coast of Africa. Famed for it’s Levandas. It’s a great place for trekking and taking in

Cinque Terre Italy


Italy We love Italy and try to get back here at least once a year. Rome, Naples, Sicily. We just can’t stop coming back. <a

Gili Air


Indonesia Is quite simply paradise sun, sea, tropical islands and some great scuba diving a beautiful unspoilt land. We have visited Lombok and the amazing

The Sun Voyager


Iceland We have visited Iceland just once for a long weekend. This visit was inspired by Rick Steins TV series. Check out the posts below

Explore Plitvice Lakes


Croatia We ended up in Croatia by accident chasing the sunshine. A surprisingly beautiful country. We only scratched the surface hopefully will be back soon

Belgium F1 Grand Prix


Belgium The famous race track at Spa is our only destination so far but I’m sure we will be back soon to take in more



Azerbaijan Was all about the Grand Prix but Baku what a city with a beautiful old town and wonderful friendly people, <a href=”” role=”button”> Destinations