A few words about us
We’re Chris & Lynne the creators of Andiamo Amigos travel Blog.  The name Andiamo, the Italian for Let’s go and Amigos the Spanish for friends created Let’s go friends, Andiamo Amigos.  We’re based in the UK, in Lancashire and absolutely love to travel. Between us we’ve lived in five different countries and we’ve travelled to over fifty.
This blog was born, ironically from a lack of travel. It started as a lockdown project to document the memories we have made together up until now. We enjoyed this process so much that we have decided to publish our adventures and to continue this process for  new adventures when we are again free to roam.So please head back to see us as often as you can as we have so much more to add to this blog both past and hopefully future.
As you can see from our picture we are a couple. We have grown up children who have flown the coop and are now free to use our time and resources to follow our hearts and see the world using whatever mode of transport we can. That may be out and about in our Camper named Bob or jumping on a plane, boat or train.  
I have recently retired, Lynne on the other hand has decided she wants to work a little longer yet so at the moment our travels are limited to our holiday entitlement and weekends away however, having said that, we have started planning “The big one” so watch this space for details of how we are going about planning.  It will be interesting to see if the plans end up matching the reality.
We met quite late in life both having had previous so to speak. We quickly discovered that we have very similar interests. We are both glued to our cameras, Lynne more than me nowadays
We love food and we both love to travel not luxury travel but trying to see things you won’t get to see on a package tour. Staying in Bed and breakfasts, home stays, our camper even in my car one night when we struggled to find a campsite. I love to dive I’ve been lucky enough to dive in some amazing places and see things I could only dream of before I donned the wetsuit. We both love anything old so Roman, Greek Egyptian Mayan.  We love pyramids, churches, Temples Shrines the list goes on and on.
So pop by our blog every now and then to see what we have been up to. Hopefully you share our passions and can perhaps use our experiences to create your own memories. 
As I final note we would both like to wish you every happiness, remember this, theres no pockets in a shroud this is the real thing. Time is the most precious commodity you will ever have.
Happy memory making
Chris & Lynne
A selection of posts from our travels
General Admission Italian Grand Prix

Italian Grand Prix | 6 points to make your visit memorable

So you have always had a notion to visit the Italian Grand Prix. Perhaps you’ve seen it on the telly or may be you’ve attended other Grand Prix and you fancy trying somewhere new.  We have now been three times and over the years have gained some experience that will hopefully make your visit more memorable.

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Explore Gili Air

Exploring gorgeous Gili Air | Great for diving & snorkelling

Gili air is the least developed of the Gili Islands and is a mix between the other 2.  Gili Meno is the smallest and caters mostly for couples and Gili Trawagen is the largest and caters for the party animals.  Gili Air is somewhere in between.  Good restaurants and bars but no boom boom boom till the wee hours.  Below we’ll help you explore Gili Air and offer a bite sized guide to island life.

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