Phaselis | Three amazing things Andiamo Amigos found there

Amphitheatre at Phaselis
The main Roman street at Phaselis


Phaselis is about 16km down the coast from the resort of Kemer and its the most delightful area of archeological ruins with quirky little bays and the clearest water you can imagine

How did we get there?

We booked a taxi from the hotel to take us down the coast to Phaselis and wait for approx 4 hrs and return us back to the hotel at the agreed price of £25.  We didn’t think this was too bad and gave us the freedom to roam around without being restricted by a return time. 

How much did it cost to get in to the historical site? 

£4.50 to access the site and boy was it worth it.

Phaselis an ancient Roman town
Phaselis - the Roman amphitheatre
Phaselis an ancient town
Phaselis an ancient town
Phaselis an ancient town
Phaselis - Lynne in the sea

3 things you don’t want to miss when you visit Phaeselis. 

The ancient buildings 

One of the first things you see when you enter the site is a really wide street running through the middle of the city.  Once you see that then its easy to imagine the shops, baths and other buildings off to the side of the street and the ancient city comes to life.  These structures are dated to the 2nd century BC.

The Lycian way hike 

The Lycian way is a long distance hike of approx 500km in south west Turkey.  Part of it goes through the ancient village of Phaselis and we took an hour or so to follow part of the route.  It’s really easy to navigate as it hugs the coast around Phaselis. 

Swimming in the sea 

It doesn’t matter where in the world we are but if there’s an opportunity to swim in the sea then we’re there.  Chris prefers deep underwater and I prefer closer to the surface either swimming or snorkelling and at Phaselis there was a lovely stretch of beach to dip your toe into.  Again, like some of the other beaches in this area, its best to have some beach shoes as the stones can be hard work but worth it once you’re in the cool and refreshing water. 

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