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best views of kemer
Olympus Telferik cable car
Olympus teleferik Kemer
Parasailing off Mount Olympus

Getting high – Olympus Teleferik – All the views 

We had heard about the cable car that went to the top of Mount Olympus and wanted to have a go.   Its not actually Mount Olympus but Mount Tahtali but hey I’m with the locals on this one and they can call it what they want.  You really do get the best views of Kemer and the coastline from here. Cable car to the top of Mount Tahtali 2365m

First, how did we get there?  

We booked the trip from the Sea to Sky kiosk in the centre of Kemer next to the Marina.  Their shuttle bus picked us up direct from our hotel at 9.30 in the morning. 

What did it cost?

The cable car round trip was €33 with €7 for the shuttle bus each way.  Since we were paying card, we paid on arrival at the cable car ticket booth.

What was the best things about the day?

The views opening up as the cable car rose to the top of the mountain.

And the worst thing?

There wasn’t that much to do at the top but it was still worth it. 

Andiamo Amigos Tip of the trip

If you’re adventurous then enquire about hiking up and taking the cable car down or vice versa. It’s a brilliant path and part of the Lycian Way.

best views of kemer
Olympus teleferik Kemer

The cable car and how to get the best vantage point.

This is the only tip you’ll need – make sure you get near the window !  

Our journey up was spectacular. The day was quite still hazy and the coastline was bathed in a soft hazy glow. We found the higher we got the more of the surrounding hills and coastline you could see. 15 mins flew by all too quickly and we were at the top  you do need a cardigans or sweater as there was a fierce wind and it was a bit chillier than the 36 degrees we had enjoyed at the base.  Don’t let that put you off. 

What is there to do at the summit apart from the seeing the best views of Kemer and the coast?

Olympus teleferik Kemer
Olympus teleferik Kemer

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