Five amazing things we did  when we visited Olimpos Kemer

Olimpos Antik Kenti
The Beach at Olimpos
Olimpos Antik Kenti
Olimpos Archeological site

Where is Olimpus Antik Kenti.

Just down the coast from Kemer is this lovely coastal village of Olimpos and the ancient site of Olimpos Antik Kenti from Roman and Lycian times.  We got there by hiring a car from Europcar in Kemer for the day at a cost of £30 for 24 hrs, total bargain.

5 cool things to do at Olimpos Antik Kenti


Explore Olimpos town

The village attached to the archeological site is very hippy like and is a little famous for its treehouses.  These were dotted at the side of the road offering accommodation.  When we arrived it was a sleepy little village but I could imagine it livened up in the evening when the bars and restaurants opened. 

Visit the Archeological Site

 The main part of Olimpost Antik Kenti dates back to the Lycian and Roman times and has been used by various people up to around the 15th Century when it was abandoned.  Since then the ruins have been overgrown with trees and its a delight to wander around not knowing what you’ll discover at the end of the next path.  The site itself costs approx £4.50 to enter and you can spend the whole day there.  Remember to keep a hold of your ticket as if you leave you’ll need it to get back in.  The ticket office accepts card so there is no need to find a cash point.

Take a swim in the sea

The beach and sea is at the other end of the archeological site and you can access it from there.  Its a long stretch of pebbly beach which drops into the sea.  The sea is gorgeous to swim in but I’d have some beach shoes with you so you can get from your towel to the waters edge as walking on those stones can be difficult.   Gorgeous sea, perfect for chilling after a wander through the ruins.

Have lunch on the beach

Between the archeological site and Cirali there are a few restaurants dotted along the edge of the beach.  We chose Izik Restaurant as the menu looked really varied and there were a good few people already in having lunch so that’s always a good sign. 

Visit Cirali

The town of Cirali is just up the beach and you can easily walk there from the exit of the archeological site.   You can get there by walking up the beach and A km or so inland behind the restaurants   you come to a vibrant little village with crafts, bars, restaurants, bikes, tourists and a great little vibe.  An alternative route is to walk back through the archeological site and drive up back up to the main road and then down again to Cirali.  Its about a 30 min trip up and round. 

Olimpos Antik Kenti
Olimpos Antik Kenti
Olimpos Antik Kenti
Olimpos Antik Kenti
Enjoying the freedom

Having the luxury of the hire car meant we were in no rush to leave and spent the best part of the afternoon soaking up the sun. This place was a real gem and we had a great day visiting

Andiamo Amigos Tip of the Trip 

Take your beach stuff with you when you enter the park as it could be a long walk back to the parking area when you decide you want a dip.  Oh and the sea is beautiful by the way.

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