How to cook a traditional Sri Lankan Curry | Cooking class

Sri Lanka cooking
Cooking Class with Wasantha, Unawatuna
Sri Lanka Cooking Unawatuna
Galle Market, Sri Lanka

We found a cooking class.

Any travelling experience for us tends to involve food and when we landed in Unawatuna in December 2018 we were delighted to find that one of the restaurants we visited did cooking classes. This restaurant, Wasanthas, was an extension of the families home and the whole family were involved in cooking, serving and generally making sure that diners had a lovely time. The menu was limited but delicious so we signed up for a class the following day to learn how to cook a Sri Lankan Curry. Find out more here.

See below for:
  • Where was the cooking class?
  • What was the itinerary?
  • Trip to the Market at Galle
  • The class 
  • The food 
  • What’s next in our Sri Lankan Adventure 

Where was the cooking class?

The restaurant was Wasantha’s Cuisine & Cookery and is only a short walk away from the beach. You can reach Wasantha by WhatsApp +94 77 288 6761 and that seems to be their preferred way of contacting them. Wasantha’s daughters speak really good English and they really are a lovely family.  We had a few meals there during our stay as well as the cooking class.

What was the itinerary?

  • Wasantha would arrive at our hotel at the pre-arranged time in a Tuk Tuk 
  • Off we went to the market to select the ingredients we would use to make our curries 
  • Back to the restaurant where we would unpack the ingredients
  • Wasantha’s mother showed us how to prepare the spices and cut the meat and veg
  • As we helped her to cook the curries and she showed us how to prepare the milk rice (coconut milk)
  • Then the best bit, we got to sit down and eat the gorgeous food we’d prepared

The Market at Galle – Lets get the Sri Lankan Curry ingredients

The first part of the cooking class was a trip to the market. Traditional Sri Lankan curries are served with 3 or 4 different curries and rice so we had to choose our ingredients. A Tuk Tuk was sent to pick us up from our hotel and took us to the market in Galle.

What a market, rows and rows of wonderful produce, all fresh and some I didn’t recognise at all. We got to choose our vegetables and Wasantha would explain what were the best vegetables to work with and the different results we’d get.  We then  choose some chicken and had a good look round the market.  As it was afternoon it was near to closing which made it better as it wasn’t as busy. 

We love any kind of markets ! 

Sri Lanka Cooking
Galle Market
Sri Lanka Cooking
Galle Market

Here’s how the Sri Lankan curry came together

Wasantha’s mum explained carefully how she made her spices and that each family in Sri Lanka had their own variation on their spice mix. She then proceeded to show us how to cut up the vegetables and meat for the curries.

She took each step really slowly and explained things through her daughter carefully.

She had an amazing machine that scraped out the insides of the coconuts to make the coconut milk and that was Chris’s job to get all the gorgeous white flakey coconut out from its shell.

She showed us how to make the coconut milk that she’d then use for the rice and before long we had an array of curries all ready to eat.

I absolutely loved her cooking bowls and the way she made it all see so simple.   

Sri Lanka Cooking Andiamo Amigos
Sri Lanka Cooking

So how was the food?

The food was amazing.  The curries varied in spice and temperature and were all very different and extremely delicious.  Chris asked for some of her recipes and she had a notebook that looked like it had been with her family for generations.  All threadbare and stained from various spices.  Chris took a few pictures on his phone but to be honest I’m not sure we’d be able to make the writing out. 

I particularly loved the pans that Wasantha used and she had a particular grinding gadget for getting the coconut flesh out of the shell.  We were so impressed with that we asked a Tuk Tuk driver to take us to a hardware store where we bought one to take home. 

Goodness knows what the airline x ray people made of that! 

Wasantha's Cooking Class
The delicious finished meal
Sri Lanka cooking
The Sri Lankan curries

Finally, would I recommend this cooking class?

I would definitely recommend this cooking class if you’re in the Unawatuna area of Sri Lanka.

It didn’t cost that much at all around £15 for both Chris and I which was a complete bargain.

Look up Wasantha and her family and if nothing else pop into their restaurant for dinner.  Its fabulous.

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  1. One of my favourite things to do while travelling is to taste the local cuisine. A close second is cooking classes. I had planned a trip to SL in 2020 and then the pandemic hit us. Obviously the trip didn’t happen. But whenever I have the good fortune to visit, I’d love to sign up for this class.

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