Vico Equense – A little gem on the bay of Naples

Vico Equense
View over to Vesuvius from Vico Equense
Vico Equense
View down the coast from Vico Equense
Vico Equense

Vico Equense is part of the greater Bay of Naples metropolitan area and is a tourist destination. Located on a high cliff, it is down the coast from the city of Naples and the views over to Vesuvius across the Bay of Naples were beautiful. 

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  • How did we get to Vico Equense?

  • Where did we stay?

  • What is there to do in the area?

  • Restaurant Recommendations

  • How should a panna cotta wobble?

How did we get to Vico Equense?

As mentioned in a previous post we dropped our hired car off at Catania Airport and flew up to Naples Airport on Easyjet.  The flight was only around €28 which would have been cheaper than the train and only about 35mins flight time so it was perfect.  We stayed in Naples for 1 night (here’s a few ideas for B & B’s in Naples) before heading down the coast by train to Vico Equense.

The train to Vico Equense is on the same line as you’d take for Pompeii & Herculaneum (more info on the train can be found here).  The Curcumvesuviana runs from Naples city centre right down to Sorrento with some branch lines leading off to other destinations.  The line for Vico Equense is on the coastal line. 

Where do you get the train?

You can catch the train from either Napoli Porta Nolana Station or Napoli Piazza Garibaldi Station

Porta Nolana is the terminus where the train starts and ends but Piazza Garibaldi is the more popular station for tourists. If you want to be sure of a seat then head to Porta Nolana. Its not a pretty station inside by any means and you’ll need cash for your tickets but you most certainly will avoid the crowd.  As the train pulls into Piazza Garibalidi station you can people watch as the tourists squeeze themselves onto the train.

If you do opt for Piazza Garibaldi then it is located at the lower level of Napoli Centrale (the main train station of Naples). When you get to the Central station, most importantly, follow signs for Piazza Garibaldi or Circumvesuviana.  Both stations are signposted really well. 

How much do the tickets cost?

Tickets cost approx €4.00 per person each way. You must buy the tickets at the station. There is no way to get it ahead of time online or on the train.

About the train?

Trains depart every 30 minutes from either station.

The Circumvesuviana drops you off at Vico Equense station (2 stops after Pompeii).  Once you arrive, come out of the station and turn left.  Walk up the hill and then turn left again up the Main Street to the centre of town.

The Circumvesuviana is operated by EAV. You can check the official timetable on its website:

Where did we stay?

We chose a budget option for our stay in Vico Equense and you can find out more in our where to stay in Naples blog post. 

Apartment Mihi was simple, clean and centrally located in town and was a good choice.

  • The room was basic but clean and functional and opened out into a central hallway/kitchen area. 
  • The Bathroom was large, clean and equipped with a shower and a bath.  Plenty towels and hot water. 
  • Wifi was good and strong
  • Breakfast was continental style with breads, cheeses, meats and jam with a selection of teas and coffees
  • Welcome drinks.  A nice touch as the hosts prepared a non alcoholic cocktail as welcome drink on our first evening.  
  • The hosts were and Indian woman and her son and they were very accommodating.
  • 5 min walk from the centre of town. 

If its a budget stay you’re looking for then this place fits the bill perfectly. 

Vico Equense
Apartment Mihi Vico Equense
Vico Equense
Apartment Mihi Breakfast table
What is there to do around Vico Equense?
Get down to the beach 

Having just a few days left of our holiday and with the weather being spectacular we spent our daytimes swimming in the sea and relaxing at the Beach Club Antico Bagno Conca Delle Sirene.   We chose this place because it was directly below the town of Vico Equense and it had a fantastic restaurant for lunch.  

Take the train down to Sorrento

There is a direct train departing from Vico Equense and arriving at Sorrento. Services depart hourly, and operate every day. The journey takes approximately 10 min.  This is the Circumvesuviana train mentioned above and there is a ticket machine at the station so you can get a ticket before jumping aboard.  Tickets are only approx €2 each way. 

Take the train to Pompeii & Herculaneum 

Similarly you can take the train in the opposite direction up to Pompeii or Herculaneum.  Pompeii is 2 stations away from Vico Equense and again the journey is only approx 10 mins and around €2 each way.  For more information on how to get to Pompeii or Herculaneum, click here.  

Take the cable car up Monte Faito

1 stop away from Vico Equense on the train in the direction of Naples is the stop Castlellammare di Stabia.   Behind the station you will find the Funicular railway which takes you to the top of Monte Faito.  There are some fantastic paths to walk from the top and the cable car runs throughout the day so you can quite easily spend a day up there.   A round trip costs approx €8 for an adult and credit/debit cards are not accepted so make sure you have some cash.

Pompeii & Vesuvius
Pompeii & Vesuvius
Vico Equense
Taking a dip at Vico Equense
All about the food

Like all our other Travel Adventures we try and seek out the food unique to the area or something that’s been recommended and for Vico Equense here are 2 restaurants we tried and loved and a cafe/bar where we enjoyed an aperitivo before going out for the evening.   

Pizza A Metro

This is the first restaurant on our list and yes you guessed it, its Pizza by the metre.    Here you literally by the pizza by the metre, 1/2 metre or 1/4 metre and can customise it how you like.   With a metre being too large for us we opted for a 1/2 metre and that was more than enough.  Such a fun place to eat as the pizza arrives on a wheeled trolly and served by a well dressed and efficient waiter.   In fact the whole place is really efficient.  Set in what resembles a school dining room seating a good few hundred people with about 50+ waiters it really was a wonderful experience.  How much did it cost?  Well it wasn’t expensive and yes, you guessed it, you paid by the metre!  Yes, of course, its a bit gimmicky but the pizza was excellent so definitely go! 


Terramia was a lovely restaurant with a fantastically extensive menu.  From seafood to steak to salads and traditional italian pasta dishes there was so much to choose from.  One thing that Chris always looks for is pannacotta as that’s his ultimate favorite desert and this pannacotta didn’t disappoint as you can see from the wobble wobble video at the top of this page. 

Grand Caffe Zerilli 

This was the perfect place for an aperitivo and it had great chichetti.  It was a fabulous place to people watch as it was right on the roundabout of the main square Piazza Umberto 1.  The old men of the village would congregate there in the evening to catch up on the days events and young men and women would zip about on vespas.  


You cant really go anywhere in Italy without a Pannacotta being on the menu but like everything else there’s good and there’s bad.   This was a good one and certainly put a smile on Chris’s face.  Watch that wibble wobble ! 

Vico Equense
Pizza a Metro Restaurant
Vico Equense
Aperol Spritz and chichetti
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