Singapore | Hike & Explore the amazing Southern Ridges

Looking over to the city from the Southern Ridges Hike
hiking in Singapore
The elevated walkways on the Southern Ridges hike
The Southern Ridges

As avid walkers we were keen to see as much of the city on foot but little did we know that one of the best walks takes your right out of the city into lush green parks and elevated walkways, the Southern Ridges.  After the hustle and bustle of the city, hiking in Singapore was a fab idea.

This was is the Southern Ridge Walk and I would recommend this to anyone visiting Singapore.

There are several trails to choose from and you can tailor your walk to suit. The first part of the walk we took takes you away from the city through Mount Faber Park where you can catch some fantastic views of the city.

See below for:

  • All about the Southern Ridges Trail.

  • The wildlife

  • The highlights 

  • What to see

  • What else we got up to in Singapore.

View of Singapore from the Southern Highlands walk
Chris on the Henderson waves
For hiking in Singapore it has to be The Southern Ridges trail

There’s a Forest Walk, a Canopy Walk the Marang Trail, Nature Reserves and Coastal Walks. Surround yourself with peace, calm and the sounds of nature and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The Southern Ridges wildlife.

Its a great spot for bird watchers as there are a myriad of species in the different parts of the walk. There are other creatures also, such as geckos, monkeys and other small mammals. A real treat for the nature lover.

Let’s get started

Most people start the trail at Mount Faber park, which is where we thought was a good place to start. To get here we took the MRT to the Harbour-front station and the walk is fairly well signposted from there.

Things you shouldn’t miss on the walk are:
  • The Henderson Waves
  • The Alexandria Arch
  • The Canopy Walk
  • The Forest Walk
  • The Fitness Stations dotted throughout the trail

I hope you enjoy and remember take a waterproof just incase the weather changes as the occasional sharp shower is often likely. 

Take your time, enjoy the sights and sounds of the forest.  This really is a beautiful area of the city. 

Canopy Walk Singapore
hiking in Singapore
Alexandra Arch Singapore
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