Singapore F1 Grand Prix | How to get there and what to expect.

Singapore Night Race
On the track
Singapore F1 Grand Prix 

One of the main reasons for visiting Singapore was to attend the Singapore F1  Grand Prix.  We are keen F1 fans and really liked the look of this race.   Its a night race which left us plenty of time during the day to explore the city.  You can read about our other Singapore adventures here.

So by day we explored Singapore and by night we got our team gear on and made our way to the track.  As the sun set and the lights came on the anticipation rose and the atmosphere was electric.  Hang on, we’re getting ahead of ourselves here.  Let me take you back to how we arranged it all.

How did we get our Singapore F1 Grand Prix tickets?

So buying the tickets for an event that is months away and parting with a significant amount of cash can be daunting. There are various sites which sell F1 tickets and here are a couple that we’ve used and found to be really good.

Buying tickets outside Singapore:

If you are buying tickets abroad and not in Singapore for the Singapore F1 Grand Prix  your tickets aren’t posted but they sent you an email with a bar code or some other form of identifier and you had to collect them from a hotel in the city.   It was all very organised and we didn’t have to wait long to get our ticket package.   There were lots of other people there collecting their tickets and it just made it all the more exciting. 

What tickets did we choose and why?

The tickets we chose were 3 day stand tickets in the Pit Grandstand which, as we were traveling so far to attend, we wanted good seats.   There are many other types of tickets you can purchase which include 1 day tickets, 3 day combination stand tickets where you choose a different stand for each day and the walkabout ticket which is similar to the General Admission.  That ticket is the cheapest but there’s no seat.  You just have to find somewhere to view the track from to watch the practices, qualifying and race. 

The Walkabout ticket?

Singapore was a track where we felt there wasn’t much scope for viewing on a walkabout ticket.  The areas we saw were small and if you were short, like me, you’d have no chance.   In the viewing areas there are large fences and I didn’t see many places where the view wasn’t obscured by a fence. There’s a good variety of other tickets available to suit most budgets.

Singapore Podium
Fans on the track after the race

Singapore F1 Grand Prix – Facilities inside the track 

As far as Grand Prix races go the Singapore F1 Grand Prix facilities inside the track weren’t as varied as with some other Grand Prix venues but it was still really good.   Plenty of merchandise, food and drinks stalls and near our stand there was grassy areas by the river to chill before the racing started.  

Shopping for team gear

The merchandise stalls are pretty similar at every Grand Prix and the prices were on a par with what you can get online and at the other tracks. Similarly if you want to buy your favorite driver shirt, hat or jacket then get it on the Friday as prices do tend to rise as the weekend progresses.

The Entertainment

The Singapore Grand Prix does this really well and usually has some really good entertainment on when the racing is over. Top acts from around the world perform on the varied stages around the track and mix some fantastic bands with the atmosphere of formula 1 cars and you’re in for a fantastic nights entertainment.   Previous acts have been The Killers, Muse, Pharell Williams for example and these concerts are all included in your ticket. 

If you get stuck

The games makers, the young people they recruit as helpers to guide people to their stands and answer any questions people had, were excellent.  Really enthusiastic and always smiling and happy all the time.  

On track action
Last bend action

Hints and tips to make your Singapore F1 Grand Prix Experience fantastic

  • Book as early as you can.  You can get a discounted early bird ticket in advance. 
  • Wear comfortable shoes.  You’ll be doing a lot of walking.
  • Take a waterproof as frequent sharp and thundery showers can happen. 
  • Practice with the night settings on your camera.   You don’t want to come away with blurry images.  
  • Walk the exterior of the circuit and visit all the different spectator areas.  Each has its own vibe.
  • Watch the other races earlier in the day and other track activities.  
  • There are no cash machines inside the track.  Most most food, drink and merchandise stalls take card. 
  • Take some little binoculars in your bag for that close up experience.   
  • Plan to get into the track in plenty time before the racing starts as the entrance gates can get pretty busy and there can be long queues.  
  • The same goes for leaving the track.  1000’s of people piling out of an exit gate at once and heading for the MRT.  Wait and let the crowds subside before making your way out.   
  • If your ticket includes a ride on the Singapore Flyer then make sure you do it as its a fantastic way to see the track and the city. 
  • All in all enjoy yourself, don’t stress, take in the atmosphere, chill and have an absolute blast. 
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