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View from the Volcano
Sulphurous clouds

Vulcano, how did we get there?

The route to Vulcano.  After leaving Rome we headed to Palermo on an overnight ferry which was an experience in itself. We booked our ferry through Direct Ferries and with it being our first time, chose the most competitive option which was a seat rather than a cabin.   

After spending a rather uncomfortable night we said if we travelled again on an overnight ferry we’d choose a cabin option. However the journey itself was good and we left Rome at 8pm and arrived in Palermo at 8am the following morning.Arriving in Palermo we immediately headed for the train station as we had a long journey by train to Milazzo. From Milazzo we’d catch a hydrofoil that would take us to our first Aeolian Island – Vulcano. 

rome to Palermo ferry
Arriving at Palermo by Ferry
aeolian island ferry andiamo amigos
The ferry to the Aeolian islands

Where did we stay on Vulcano?

We prebooked a fabulous little hotel right at the base of the volcano of Vulcano. Hotel Aura was small, comfortable and offered a fabulous continental breakfast and guess what? It had a pool. There was a little church nearby and you could hear the soft ringing bells at different points of the day which was lovely. The price for our stay was around the £80 mark for a night, so super competitive and excellent value for money.

Climb Vulcano, the volcano

This was one of the best things we did on our visit here. The smell of sulphur, the view into the crater and the views to the other islands were spectacular. Its not a steep nor arduous climb and the path is fairly wide and totally easy to follow with signposts guiding the way.

vulcano hike to the crater
Crater of Vulcano, hike to the top
Vulcano summit
Lynne at Vulcano summit

Hire a quad bike 

We hired a quad bike and took a picnic to the other side of the island where we spent the afternoon on a deserted black sand beach. It was idyllic, well that was until a big gust of wind blew black sand all over our meats and cheeses, uh oh!

You can hire a quad bike from a vendor quite close to the port area of Vulcano, Nolo Sprint da Luigi and it wasn’t expensive at all. He had other vehicles for hire, scooters, bikes etc. I cant exactly remember the price but it wasn’t expensive and  worth it to do a bit of exploring.

Visit the Valley of the Monsters 

The most overrated attraction we’ve ever seen in our lives but worth it for the giggle factor and its really something you have to go and see for yourselves. The Valley of the monsters is a group of lava flows which have solidified into Godzilla like shapes. You have to use your imagination here but definitely should be on your list for a visit.

valley of the monsters vulcano
Valley of the monsters Vulcano
valley of the monsters vulcano
Valley of the monsters Vulcano

The mud baths | Vulcano’s best attraction

With the island being volcanic there is a delightful mud pool close to the centre of town that is very popular with locals and tourists alike. The mud has sulfuric properties which is said to be really good for you but you’ll need a peg for your nose as its a bit whiffy!

Welcome to Vulcano
Welcome to Vulcano
Vulcano mud baths
Vulcano mud baths

What about the food?

Vulcano has a few restaurants, snack bars and take aways to choose from. We were there towards the end of the season so they were all really quiet but the food was good. Here are a couple of places we tried and would recommend.

Ristorante Maurizio – this was the first restaurant we ate in when we arrived on the island.  We’d been travelling all day by train and the previous night in an uncomfortable chair on a ferry so we were exhausted. We did try the restaurant again as it was sooooo good. A bit special with some dishes that you’d find in a fine dining restaurant. Definitely worth a visit.

Geco Bar – this was our first stop of the evening for an aperitivo.  It was the first time we tried that strange looking orange drink that we all now know as Aperol Spritz. A couple at the next table had them and I asked the waitress what they were and we’ve never looked back. Our aperitivo of choice was born.

Ristorante Il Castello di Vulcano – best pizza in town. We visited here twice. Once as a sit down meal and once as a take away, both times were fab. Traditional Italian trattoria food. Perfecto!

Alternatively what we like to do is visit the local deli and bakers and get ourselves some local meats and cheese and build our own lunch.  So delicious

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