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Who are Andiamo Amigos?

Hi, we’re Chris and Lynne based in the. UK and yes, you guessed it, we love to travel. We met in 2012 and quickly realised that we both loved the same type of travel and if you want to know more then head over to the about us page and you can find out more there.

andiamo amigos

Our blog is centred around older couples 50 + who love to travel and we see it as us collecting memories.  

As Chris recently said “You can’t take things with you when you go but you can take memories.  There’s no pockets in a shroud” and he’s right.  

We’re currently recording our current memories whilst looking forward to making loads of new ones.  

andiamo amigos

Andiamo Amigos – Our Travelling Style 



All of our adventures involve culture in one form or another. We have a passion for ancient cities, ruins, uncovering history at its best. I guess we just love old stuff and all the stories that go with that.

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Delicious local food
Food is a major part of our travelling experience from taking cooking lessons in Lombok and in Sri Lanka to sourcing and trying local specialities. I would say that we most definitely travel for food and seek out markets wherever we end up. We have a large collection of cookbooks from whichever region we’ve visited and we really should use them more when at home.
Sri Lanka Cooking


Local transport 

We love to travel by local transport when we travel, whether that be by Tuk-Tuk, local buses, trains, boats, bikes, whatever it is, we’re up for it. Yes we’ve been up at 4am to get to a train station in time for a cross country departure in Sri Lanka and we use the underground extensively when we’re visiting a new city. It’s sometimes the best way to get around and see more if time is limited.


Ditching the tourist guide

Getting out from behind the tourist guide or getting away from the tourist hotspots is a favourite of ours. You’d be surprised at how many fantastic places, sights, adventures can be had by ditching the tourist guide and exploring off piste, so to speak.


Speaking up!

I also think its incredibly helpful if you can at least master a few words in the local language. A simple “thank you”, “hello”, “yes”, “no”, “you’re welcome” can go a long way and I think is very respectful to the people who’s country/city or village you’re visiting. Even if you get it wrong I think generally a good idea to have a go.  There are many online language apps you can try these days without spending any money that get you started with the basics.

Venice andiamo amigos

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